Copper for Busbars


General knowledge about copper for busbars

           The busbars from the Latin "OMNIBUS" means For All. In electrical engineering term "Bus" used to describe the whole point of many circuit. In general, it means the total point of circuit with a low input voltage and with high output voltage. The power supply or circuit control panel in the current must be able to receive and output for electrical current in large quantities. Large amounts of electrical current can cause large amounts of electromagnetic force as well. Busbars is same as any other electrical equipment with to withstand energy them. The metal is used as a bus bar must have good mechanical and electrical properties. With can be assigned to work at special temp.



Information about Enamelled copper wire 

           Enamelled copper wire is a copper wire coated with a liquid through a variety of varnish. It is based on product usage and resistant to heat up the product. In general, enamelled copper wire will be used in the electronics industry. It is used to produce electrical and electronic equipment of various types. For example, Transformer, Coil, Choke coil, Line filter, Reactor, Inductor, Motor, Generator, loud speaker, loud speaker, busbar and etc. 


Characteristics of Enamelled copper wire


 Characteristics of enamelled copper wire